Divinity Heart

To explain the immediacy of instantly loving, Maharajji Kripalu had this story. Once there was a beggar who was a realized Saint. He went to a house and was met at the door by a servant, “Oh, please give me something to eat and I’ll give you a touchstone.” The servant was very innocent and gave him something to eat, “Here, eat this.” The servant thought about the touchstone, “I’ll give this to my boss; what will I do with it?” When his boss came he said, “Sir! A beggar came for food and gave me this touchstone.” The man angrily said, “Fool! If he really had a touchstone, would he be begging for food?” Thinking it to be an ordinary stone, he disdainfully threw it. It struck some iron fittings on a window, which immediately turned to gold. The man saw them and wondered, “How did those become yellow? Oh...it might be a touchstone!” He picked it up and touched it to other places, “This also turned to gold! This too!” Now the man hugged his servant. “Hey! Who cares about my job? Now I have a touchstone! If I go to an iron factory I can convert everything to gold!” In the beginning, when he thought the touchstone was just a stone, he threw it away. Now that he discovered its worth, he is lovingly attached to it. He didn’t practice getting angry or becoming lovingly attached; they happened immediately.

In this way, if the words of our Guru and the scriptures were firmly seated in our minds, and if we firmly decided that this life is temporary, and the aim of the soul can only be attained though Krishn, then God realization is not far away. Even if is far away, it will still happen. Even if it takes one full year, or an entire life, or two lifetimes – be firmly decided. Don’t doubt. Firmly decide.

For example, you have firmly decided “I am.” The same “I” that existed yesterday is the same "I" that exists today. It is the same ‘I’ that sees dreams in your sleep. Along with your sense of "I", realize the presence of your Divine guardian. “The father of my “I” is God; I am His child.” Realize both of these.

You all know how to do devotion. Doing roop dhyan (loving devotional remembrance of God's personal form) is of first importance and don’t bring any worldly desire into your devotion. A great mahapurush like Prahlad said in front of Narsingh Bhagwan, “I am asking for the boon that I may never ask for anything from You.” What an amazing request! Just ask for God’s service, His love, His Divine vision. Don’t go below this. Remember this. And that love which is done from the heart, from the mind is called ‘love’, ‘devotion’. Listening from the ears, speaking from the mouth – they are fine, something is better than nothing, but it is not devotion. The meaning of devotion is that which is done in relation to the mind.

Tulsidas thought a lot about how to teach worldly people this point. So he said that just as an extremely lustful person thinks of his lover so much day and night that he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t feel like eating, he doesn’t feel like doing anything – so God has to become this loving to us. Without Him, a devotee in this state of longing feels every moment passes like an eon, tears of love shower from his eyes and the whole world seems empty. He doesn’t have any desire to see or hear anything. Arrive at this state. Then God will come running. But first is roop dhyan or smaran. After this you can also do kirtan (chanting), and shravan (learning spiritual philosophy) from your Guru. These are the three main forms of devotion. Pay attention to these three. The most important of these is smaran. Wherever you are, keep on doing smaran. Just like you keep on remembering your mother, father, wife, husband, etc. whether you are on the train or going somewhere, or sitting somewhere. So in your spare time, think of God and don’t commit transgressions, meaning not even for a second have any negative thoughts towards God or Saint. Don’t listen to such things, say them or think them.

In this way, do devotion and wherever you go, always feel that God is with you. This desire will continue to increase. This continuous desire for God is called prem (devotional love). We did the same thing in the world for the world and the consequence was remaining in the cycle of birth and death. Like this, remembering His presence always, we will attain our aim of supreme Divine Bliss.